Hi Folks - L&D and I are very proud of our new 2-sided T-Shirt, it's a beauty!
Hope you get one today and wear it with pride!

And coming soon! A Gallery of funny and "interesting" photographs
on permanent display of L&D fans wearing their L&D T-Shirts!
(Watch this space for updates...)          


  What Picture is on the back of the Shirt?
Is it a Picture of Linky & Dinky?
Maybe! -- Maybe not!

We call it "L&D FanWear!"
Surprise Picture
on the Back Side!

Available in Medium, Large, X-Large and XX-Large
L&D T-Shirts are shipped same day by First Class Mail postpaid.
(These shirts are top quality and very heavy, requiring $2.02 postage EACH to mail.)

Buy the shirt NOW (at cost, postpaid) for only $19.88! 
(retail value $25.00)

Or, Join Linky & Dinky's Secret Clubhouse as a Lifetime Member
and Get A Linky & Dinky T-Shirt FREE!






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