Do The Euphoria Tape alone the first time, and then
with a lover. It's a phenomenon you'll feel within
the first 3 minutes of use -- what you'll feel the
rest of the time is unbelievable.

It was first whispered about on college campuses, and
only experimented with in seclusion, or among close
friends in private settings, but it has now become a
cult rush and is considered the next passion of our
Cyber lifestyles.

Not a drug, not a chemical, but an audio stimulation of
brain centers controlling pleasure. And agony. And ecstasy.
The buzz. An audio mesmer signal strokes the base of the
mind, choking out pain sensations and producing the
violent flow of... euphoria.

Tapes have changed hands from friends to friends to other
friends. It is not regulated, there are no laws yet
restricting use of The Euphoria Tape.

The Euphoria Tape is digitally mastered.
($24.95 mfg. suggested retail


for only $3.77

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A testimonial...

I use it myself frequently, and find new ways to do so all the time. Ever try going to sleep with headphones on and leaving it on repeat? Now THAT's a trip. You'll have the same dream 5 or 6 times in a row; dream exactly what the tape is saying. :)

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Use the Euphoria Tape with care. Adults only, please.


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