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Linky's FABx10 bulging collection of The Amazing, The Astonishing,
The Delightful, The Intriguing and the Impossibly Bizarre, all corralled
into one magnificent barrel of brain-juicing fun and fancy. In other
words, there's really cool stuff in here, okay, and it's getting more
cool everyday. The Lounge is enthusiastically maintained by Linky.
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(oh my.)
A dank, dungy, dirty area we privately call "Dinky's Personal Hell".
This stuff is disturbing, prurient and hilarious, all in one.
Dinky is constantly in his Dungeon, tinkering with God knows what.
Our nifty internal search engine lets you find what you "need".
(warning: Material might be too Dinkylicious for ya, Babe)

hot damn! )
THIS AIN'T YOUR FATHER's "GOOGLE SEARCH" L&D's new wing to our Secret Clubhouse hosts our enormous Snoop Collection, over 3,000 sneaky links and resources to Learn EVERYTHING about your friends, neighbors, enemies, employees -- even yourself!  Linky & Dinky provide you MORE diabolical snoop resources in our gigantic online database than any "net detective" out there.

SOME OF YOUR NEW POWERS will include: Check up on the new person who wants to date you, Find a lost friend, schoolmate, or military buddy, Find email addresses and unlisted phone numbers, Get your credit report information, Investigate a suspicious person or neighbour, Acquire Personal Interest profiles, Search driver license, marriage & divorce records, Check out a prospective employee (or your boss), Check out an employee, a neighbor, your daughters date, your boss, or find out what is known about you!, Conduct In-depth background checks, Do Pre-Rental Screenings and avoid bad renters!, Find out if someone is a sex offender, Tremendous Genealogy resources - Find family members old and new, Acquire Military Records, Acquire complete criminal records, Acquire Personal Security information, Access the best legal resources on the Net including Property and Bankruptcy searches and so much more. >Your only limit is your imagination and dogged creativity!


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so funny!)
Containing mostly photographic material
of a nature that
many of us didn't know could exist on the physical plane.
Dinky's extremely proud of his Funky Foto collection,
from people in the most bizarre situations, where the
incredible meets the impossibly wacky. They're Priceless!
(Clubmembers may drag these goofy pix to their desktop
to send to friends for a laugh, but no password sharing!)

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