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Letter! I get letters! ....

Dear Binky:

I am very impressed with the e-mail newsletter I get from you.  I have subscribed to several "freebie" newsletters and became very angry at the "free offer" that I have to pay a zillion dollars for (S+H). Additionally I entered many sweeps and contests. I have "won" several times, and each time they want me to spend more money than the "prize" is worth. I have become so fed up that I just hit the delete button without opening the e-mail, since unsubscribing doesn't stop the junk. Thanks for true freebies. Consider me a loyal subscriber who will recommend your newsletter to others.

-- Tilley

P.S. Thanks for taking the time to put together the tips newsletter. It is very helpful.

Dear Binky:

After reading your other glowing reports, I just had to
throw my 2 cents in. Not only do you have the most reliable
list of freebies I've ever found (& I've been refunding for
30 yrs! ) but your anecdotes, commentary, jokes and satire,
are killer!! Freebies with an attitude! You are Awesome!
Love to Uncle Url as well; the whole whacked out 'family' (I
grew up with y'all, I'm pretty sure!) has become my family
too! HAHA!! keep up the great work!

-- Afton

Dear Binky:

Right on Guy!!!!!! That's why I love your list. It is honest (and fun to read!) about the word "free". Your comments are the reason I unsubscribed from sooooo many of the freebie lists - matter of fact, almost all of them. LOADED with those sponsor ad "FREEBIES". Look forward to reading you every day - thanks for the fun."

-- Sincerely, Darlene

Dear Binky:

I WANT TO THANK YOU for your (many) one-line freebies that are TRULY FREE AND HASSLE FREE. That has never happened to me with any of the dozens of newsletters to which I have recently subscribed and then unsubscribed. "

-- Ann

Dear Binky:

"The Rehab Doctor" oh my God, now you need to find a freebie
for moniter cleaner cause there is coffee ALL OVER my work
desk. I haven't laughed so hard in weeks. I wonder if you're
gonna get some nasty "addiction is a sickness, you shouldn't say things like that!' kinda stuff. You rock!" -

- loyal reader and enthusiast, Robin

 Dear Binky:

Your sense of humor really makes my day! I eagerly await your daily newsletter, so as to get a good laugh. I The information and laughs are worth far more then that. I tell everyone I know about your newsletter as it is without a doubt the funniest and coolest one on the web. Thanks for the laughs and keep them coming!

-- Richard

 Dear Binky:

I just wanted to let you know that you are producing the best free stuff email on the planet. I have
unsubscribed to all the others 1) because you always have
the freebie first and 2) There's only one freebie per email
so I find it and if I don't want it-- I know I'm not missing
anything else, so I can delete it.

-- Christy S.

 Dear Binky:

I Just wanted to share with you how your name always brings to mind long forgotten memories of living on a farm. We had this little calf who was born stunted, blind and pot-bellied and her mother would have nothing to do with her. So I named her BINKY and fed her and raised her. Later on, I was forced to sell her at auction and I used the money to buy a short fake fur coat. Even today, my family will run across a picture of me wearing it and go "Oh, here's a picture of you in your Binky coat!" as I always referred to it."

-- Marilyn J.

Dear Binky:

Don't let Uncle Url push you around. You're much funnier than he is anyway. Before long you'll be doing all the pushing with the huge following you're creating. If not, then wait until he gets old and gray. It'll be easier then."

-- CashMan, a fan

Dear Binky:

You know, you guys are just about the best on the WEB. I get lots of freebie mail every day and, I can honestly say that your mailings are not only fun to read, but, consumer caring and, up to the minute concise. I usually don't write letters thanking companies...probably because I never have reason to. Yours is the exception......GREAT JOB!


Dear Binky:

Mercy!!! You keep me so cracked up I don't think I can go 1 day without your newsletters!!! Keep up the good work, and keep me smiling and laughing!!

Just ONE of your many fans,

-- Suzanne the cat

Dear Binky:

Just wanted to say, Uncle Url should be very proud of you. Not only do you offer a great internet service, you are prompt in responding to your E-mails, and obviously care about people too. I wanted to thank you again for helping with the site my computer wouldn't link too. Your actions were above and beyond the call of duty, and appreciated. Tell Uncle Url you deserve a week's vacation, with pay, for this one.